Behavioral Consequences Of Cell Phone Addiction

Research Project Assignment #1

Due January 24th

The research project we are conducting in the class will use our cell phone addiction survey. ALL students will use this survey. EACH student will individualize their research project by proposing a hypothesis involving cell phone addiction. You may either:

a. Pick a variable that should PREDICT a person’s level of cell phone addiction. (i.e. what characteristic of person should predict how addicted they are to their cell phone?)


b. Pick a variable that would be PREDICTED BY a person’s level of cell phone addiction. (i.e. the level of a person’s cell phone addiction should be related to what outcome/consequence)?

To find a viable topic:

1. Search the research literature on cell phone addiction to get ideas for your variable and a hypothesis. Use PSYCHINFO on EBSCOHost. If you can’t find enough on cell phone addiction, try internet addiction, smartphone addiction etc., cell phone use, etc.

2. Once you have a topic that interests you, collect at least 5 PRIMARY SOURCE references directly related to your topic and which help you formulate a good hypothesis. Keep a list of the search terms you used to develop this list.

3. Type up the list of references using APA style.

4. Submit the topic, the search terms used, and the list of references.

Then determine your hypothesis and write a one page rationale for it using the references you found. Be specific — what have other studies found that make you think this is a good hypothesis. If you did not find enough PRIMARY SOURCE LITERATURE , you should continue looking for more articles and update your reference list.

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