ARTS1100 GHC Unit 6 Discussion Connecting Art To Our Lives

This discussion features multiple prompts. Be sure to read and respond to each in its entirety:

Choose one of the following two options:

Option 1: Attend an art exhibition and write a short essay on the Discussion Board sharing your experience with the class. In your post, you should give a brief description, title, and location of the art exhibition and then list some of the art works you liked. Your post, however, should be mainly about your encounter with the art–your experience. If you are near Atlanta, you may choose to go to the High Museum. There are also major museums in Columbus and Athens. Please check your local area for an art exhibition near you. If you’re not able to attend a physical exhibition, you may choose one from the Google Arts and Culture site. Upload at least one photo from the exhibit.

Option 2: Choose a painting from your textbook (make sure it is a painting and not a print) and write a post relating the painting to your own life experience. Again, your post should be mainly about your encounter with the artwork and your experience of it. Upload a screenshot of the painting along with your post.

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