Arab-Israeli conflict: causes, analysis, perspective

The essay task is to present a strategic game scenario (conflict, completion or cooperation over a currently relevant issue from the field of international relations). The paper needs to: Introduce the topic. Present the key players (usually, but not exclusively, individual states) and their goals. Present several likely scenarios of the unfolding of the game. Evaluate the likelihood of the scenarios based on the literature concerning the theoretical aspects of strategic thinking that was covered during the course and the in-class discussions. Conclude by presenting the most likely scenario. Requirements relating to a scholarly paper, such as providing evidence that supports your theses, statements and claims, as well as proper referencing. Bibliography should have a sufficient number of academic sources (at least 20 for 3500 words essay). Editing rules: title page; font, Times New Roman 12; margins, 2,5 cm; double space between verses; italics for book/periodical titles; single quotation marks. The paper must be logically structured ( introduction; the main body subdivided into paragraphs; conclusions) and meet the minimum language standards. Plagiarism: be aware that anything copied without quotation marks and references is treated as plagiarism

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