answer qustions about readings

i need you to answer each question 1 paragraph from the readings i will attached here :

1. What is a city for Mumford, and what is it for Harvey? – try to find a metaphor for each

2. Is the city “purely physical fact” for Mumford? What constitutes the city outside of its physical position?

3. Is there a way to describe the city as a social institution using Harvey’s and Mumford’s texts?

4. What, according to Mumford, should determine such limiting factors as size, density, area and layout of a city?

5. What kind of community does Mumford advocate for in the city/cities?

6. How can, according to Mumford, a city achieve the necessary social concentration for social drama?

7. What place that you know comes close to Mumford’s ideal?

8. What place comes close to Harvey’s ideal (What is Harvey’s ideal)?

9. Do you think that a city should be considered like a human theatre? Or do you think a city should just be for commerce and functionality only? And if it is for commerce and functionality only does that kill a sense of art and beauty and “theatre” that is an essential ingredient in making urban society attractive and meaningful? What do you think?

10. Who has the right to the city, who does not?

11. Do you agree with Harvey, why, why not?

12. How would you regulate Harvey’s call for residents tohave the right to make changes to already existing spaces? Do you agree with that call (why/ why not?)

13. Does the city serve all or is it reserved for a select group? Is it socially just or are the rights of one group more important than the rights of another?

14. What does it mean to for a space and place to be “socially just?”

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