American Government Response Paper

View this one-hour long video and then write an 875-word response paper. Do you agree or disagree with my coverage of this important subject? Be critical; it is not important whether you agree or disagree with me. Do not hesitate to both affirm and criticize what I’ve said. (You will not be penalized for disagreeing with me!). Do this in the form of a research paper. I would like you to insert at least three citations in the paper and use a total of at least three outside sources. Use outside sources for quotations and ideas not your own; using them will go to supporting what you affirm in the paper. Grading will be based on how well you demonstrate an understanding of the subject, the validity of your comments, and the normal requirements of organization, syntax, and spelling.

If you can see the video in the description please watch and write a response. If you cannot see the video let me know so I can remove the question.

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