a six-paragraph essay

you’ve read A Moveable Feast, write a six-paragraph essay that discusses Ernest Hemingway’s artistic work ethic. First, begin with some history and background about Ernest Hemingway (see additional file posted in the module), then briefly introduce A Moveable Feast with a very short overall summary. Provide a clear transition from that brief summary to this exact thesis statement: Throughout A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway proves to be a dedicated writer.

In the body of your essay, provide four paragraphs that illustrate Hemingway’s dedication to his writing. The four illustrated examples must be from at least three different chapters. Each paragraph must contain at least one short well-blended quote that runs no longer than one line across the page; shorter is better. (Review the Quoting lesson from Module 8B.) Blend short quotes into your general summary of the illustrated example. Avoid floating quotes—that is, a quote serving as its own sentence. Keep your verb tense consistent throughout the body paragraphs.

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