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1)In social psychology, a macro view looks at _____________ while a micro view looks at ______________. A-Collectivism; Individualism B-A whole culture; The individual c)The individual; A whole culture d)Individualism; Collectivism 2)Jane’s eight-year-old son brought a note home from school today stating that he was involved in a fight at recess. Which of the following is an example of an external attribution that Jane might make to explain her son’s behavior? A)the other child probably started the fight and he was protecting himself B)he’s just like his father C)he probably couldn’t help himself since he doesn’t have much self-control D)he always gets in fights 3)Marlow feels that she is a good person. When she wins the lottery for 1 million dollars, she feels like she deserves it because good things happen to good people. Her hard work of always being a kind and generous person has finally paid off in life, just like her parents had always told her it would! Marlow’s attitude toward life would be called what in social psychology? A)Good B)Just world hypothesis C)A prosocial attitude D)Macro view 4)On the playground, a group of 6th graders were standing around watching the 6th grade bully, Stan, beat up Milo, the 6th grade dork. According to social psychology, a group of observers are less likely than an individual is to help someone in trouble. This concept is called___________________. A)Milgram’s effect B)The bystander effect C)Obedience training D)Helping behavior 5)A(n) ____________________ is defined as a distinct psychological state involving a subjective experience, physical arousal, or de-arousal, and a behavioral or expressive response, and is more intense and short lived than a mood. A)characteristic B)emotion C)response D)personality trait 6)Which of the following is NOT one of the four phases of the human sexual response? A)Orgasm B)Refractory C)Excitement D)Plateau 7) John is a psychologist. He examines work environments and management styles and makes suggestions to companies on ways to increase worker productivity. Based on this information, John is most likely to work as: A)A clinical psychologist B)An industrial organization psychologist C)A sex researcher D)A psychoanalytic psychologist 8) Mattie is convinced that her neighbors are trying to poison her by sending a deadly gas through her vents. Mattie is displaying A)auditory hallucinations B)flat affect C)visual hallucinations D)delusions 9)The class of psychological disorders characterized by people losing contact with portions of their consciousness or memory which results in disruption in their sense of identity is A)mood disorders B)somatoform disorders C)dissociative disorders D)schizophrenic disorders 10)Grayson seems to be preoccupied with the possibility that he might miss an important message from someone in his family. He checks for new messages on his answering machine every 15 minutes. Grayson’s constant checking for messages could be considered an example of A)a hallucination B)a delusion C)an obsession D)a compulsion


11)The finding that marijuana use is likely to increase the onset of schizophrenic symptoms in those who have a genetic predisposition to the disorder is likely due to the effect that the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, has on this neurotransmitter system:





12)Many people believe that the mentally ill are violence-prone. This is because

A)they have personally been the victims of such violence

B)violence is much more common among mental patients than among the general population

C)there actually is a strong association between mental illness and violent tendencies

D)the incidents of violence involving the mentally ill receive a great deal of media attention

13) The general adaptation stages for prolonged and/or severe stress, in order, are:

A)Resistance, shock (alarm), and exhaustion

B)Exhaustion, resistance, and shock (alarm)

C)Shock (alarm), resistance, and exhaustion

D)Shock (alarm), exhaustion, and resistance

14)One of the problematic aspects of the research into the link between stress and illness is that

A)the data is correlational in nature and does not allow for conclusions as to casualty.

B)separate control groups are not able to be created due to ethical constraints.

C)subjects are only able to be followed for limited time periods so it is difficult to determine the long-term impact of the stressor.

D)subjective cognitive appraisal differences leads people to interpret stressors differently and interferes with consistent conclusions.

15)Roommates Ann and Margaret both woke up yesterday with a headache, upset stomach, and muscle stiffness. While Ann was showering for her 9:00 art history class, Margaret rushed off to the college health clinic. Most likely Margaret exhibits a ________ than Ann.

A)lower level of anxiety and lower lever of neuroticism

B)higher level of anxiety and higher level of neuroticism

C)lower level of anxiety and higher level of neuroticism

D)higher level of anxiety and lower level of neuroticism

16)Laura is encouraged by her therapist to talk about absolutely anything that comes to her mind. Over the course of each session as her train of thought wanders she usually talks about a variety of topics. From time to time her therapist comments on her statements; Laura’s therapist can be BEST described as using the technique of


B)unconditional positive regard.

C)dream analysis.

D)free association.

17)Having a client construct an anxiety hierarchy is a critical component of


B)systematic desensitization.

C)cognitive therapy.

D)aversion therapy.

18)Which of the following would NOT be considered psychotherapy?
A)humanistic therapy

B)psychodynamic therapy

C)cognitive therapy

D)the use of ECT

19) Dylan is a psychiatrist who feels strongly that psychological disorders are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain or other brain abnormalities. Dylan works from the ________ perspective of treatment.





20)Which of the following explanations correctly answers the question, “What causes psychological disorders?”

A)They are caused by irrational thoughts and unrealistic expectations for perfection.

B)They are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.

C)They are learned from the environment and then somehow reinforced, or strengthened.

D)All of the other answers are correct depending on the psychological perspective from which an individual works.

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