​This analysis asks you to select a film of your choice and to analyze the role music or sound plays in the film.

Description: This analysis asks you to select a film of your choice and to analyze the role music or sound plays in the film. You will need to identify the specific function of the music or sound and build your analysis around examples that support your thesis.

Here are some examples of roles that music or sound can play in film: to develop a character, to create a sense of locale, ethnicity or time period, to provide ironic contrast, to heighten suspense or terror, to shape the audience’s perception of a subject, to provide a strong political message through song lyrics etc. There are many more.

Step One: Choose the film and be sure to identify the director, date, title, and sound editor in your introduction.

Step Two: Write a clear thesis/claim that explain the role music or sound plays in the film. Examples:

Through both sound and lyrics, music provides ironic contrast throughout the film Clockwork Orange

Sounds effects give a sense of realism and audience participation in the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan

The lullaby in Pan’s Labyrinth is a musical motif that links different parts of the narrative together and adds emotional intensity to several scenes

The soundtrack of American Beauty is a key element in character development as each character is defined by the music and lyrics playing while they are on screen

Spike Lee is a director who uses musical lyrics in the opening and closing credits to make political statements in the film Do the Right Thing

Step Two: The body of the essay should support your analysis with specific examples – songs should be identified by title, author etc – sound or musical effects should be clearly explained – what type of instrument? Use Chapter 7 to include key terms and be sure to explain whether the sound is diagetic or non-diagetic

Use of Research: the only outside research I would like to see is quotations by the director or sound editor that support your analysis – nothing else is needed and the rest should be your own thoughts! Be sure to document your sources. The paper will be upload in turnitin!! EACH SOURCE NEED TO BE CITED!!!!! NO plagiarism!!!!!!!!!!

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